Price competition can be disastrous for any industry, even the ones that are committed to providing invaluable services. Nowadays E-Hail companies like Uber, Lyft are promoting the expectation of Out Class Limousine Service to their customers for comparatively cheaper prices than what other taxi firms would be charging them, at the expense of drivers. All these rival companies are engaged in an intense battle trying to provide the cheapest service to customers, however, what no one realizes is that these battles are fought on the backs of poor drivers who are having to pay and bear most of the expenses which would ultimately lead in adding stress to drivers and if this system is not improved or rectified  in the long term it would result in poor service. Moreover, due to this price competition between the E-Hail companies the self-employed taxi drivers and original black cabs are losing out.

They have to reduce their prices to match up and work considerably longer hours than before to make their required money, which would result in leading tired drivers on the roads that would jeopardize the safety of both, the customer and the driver.  Not only this, in fact, due to not having a company who could possibly handle the administrative matters, the drivers would specifically have to take some time out for licensing, paperwork and other matters which would result in taking away from their earning time.

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